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AMRAM is our export-quality Kesar mango brand. Amram actually means “delicious mango” in Sanskrit. Farming the rich Kesar Keri since 1970 in our own lands, helped us produce the best breed there is of Kesar mangoes in Gujarat.

  • Origins of Kesar Keri

    Junagadh’s kesar keri is well known for its taste, texture and sweetness. The history of Kesar mango goes back to the 1850s during the reign of Nawab Mahabat Khan the second. Kesar keri has been loved and cherished for more than half a century now and we are glad that our ancestral history aligns with the rich heritage of the king of ‘Mango’.

  • Thought Behind AMRAM

    Ancient Trading Impex has decades of experience and expertise in mango farming. Our Kesar mangoes are rich in taste and filled with nutritional value. We envision becoming the leading mango exporters in the world. Ancient Trading Impex already exports and supplies to many countries. Now, we want to market our product packaged under a new brand name ‘Amram’ so it reaches everyone who loves Kesar Keri.

    India ranks 6th in mango pulp exports. We are proud that Ancient Trading Impex also is into exporting great mango pulp. Our delicious and high-quality mango pulp has been widely appreciated by customers in India, and now we are going to spread the same sweet taste of mango to different corners of the globe.


AMRAM the real kesar mango

Self Farming

Chemical Free

Indian Origin Product

Naturally Ripened

APEDA Certified Farm


Mango - AMRAM

Benefits of Mango

The king of all the fruits bound to have many benefits. Let us name a few!

  • Low in calories

  • Great source of vitamins A, C, K and Potassium

  • Amazing for digestive health

  • Lower risk of cancer

  • High antioxidant

Mouth-watering mango recipes!

Healthy Mango recipes

Mangoes consumed in any manner will only be tasty. We are sharing a few hits and very popular mango recipes. Do try one today!

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