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Our vast and generations of experience in farming enable us to provide expertise in food trading. We only sell, what we can consume. Our products are APEDA certified and naturally grown. You can rely on us for timely delivery of products and easy logistics. We constantly innovate with our products and deliver tailor-made solutions.

Organic Kesar Mango - AMRAM

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Organic Kesar Mango - AMRAM

Fresh Mango
Real Mango

Organic Kesar Mango - AMRAM

Export Quality
Mango Brand

Mango -AMRAM

AMRAM is our export-quality Kesar mango brand. Amram actually means “delicious mango” in Sanskrit. Farming the rich Kesar Keri since 1970 in our own lands, helped us produce the best breed there is of Kesar mangoes in Gujarat.

Mango Pulp

India ranks 6th in mango pulp exports. We are proud that Ancient Trading Impex also is into exporting great mango pulp. Our delicious and high-quality mango pulp has been widely appreciated by customers in India, and now we are going to spread the same sweet taste of mango to different corners of the globe.

Fresh Vegetables

Eating healthy is not a choice, it should be the way of living. Ancient Trading Impex vegetables are grown with love and care in a controlled environment. We strictly follow the no-chemical rule for our agricultural practices. India is one of the largest exporters of vegetables in the world.

Ancient Trading Impex follows all the safety and health measures according to the government. We hand-hold our clients right from placing the order to delivery. We have a transparent way of operating which enables us to become the leader in our industry. If you want fresh vegetables from India, Ancient Trading Impex is your company!


The land of spices- ‘India’ has always been the global leader in exports since centuries. There have been literally wars fought for our spices. And we are proud to be from the land of spices. Ancient Trading Impex uses cutting-edge technologies to ensure the safety of food and avoid all kinds of hazardous materials like pesticides, fungicides, and radiation. We export world-class spices like cumin, pepper, cinnamon, asafoetida, turmeric and ginger all across the globe.

Ancient Trading Impex is the best and most recommended spices exporter in India. You can reach any continent with our guidance. If you are looking for spices in India, go nowhere else!


Popularly known as groundnuts, pig nuts etc, peanuts belong to the healthy bean family. Indian peanuts are consumed in every corner of the world. Ancient Trading Impex comes in one of the top exporters of groundnuts in India. Consuming healthy peanuts means staying away from heart diseases, higher cholesterol levels and low protein.

Ancient Trading Impex exports peanuts that are produced well and packaged ensuring the preservation of all the nutritional values of the product. Our peanuts are rich in vitamin E, and B-3, and rich minerals like potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Look for peanut, go for Ancient Trading Impex!

Benefits of having Ancient Trading Impex Peanuts
Peanuts help in balancing your diet in the most nutritious way. In this fast-paced life, maintaining health becomes a task instead of priority. Munching on this export quality peanuts will ensure that you enjoy health-first life!

Health benefits:

  • Peanuts prevent heart diseases.
  • Excellent source of omega-3 and fibre
  • High in nutritional value and helps loose weight

Rice & Flours

India is the world leader in exporting the best quality rice all across the world. We dominate the world market by our export quality products. Our rice is specially cultivated in the southern portions of India. We have extensive experience in providing organic grains to all our clients.

Being of old the largest exporter of rice in India, Ancient Trading Impex is bound to deliver only the best variety of rice in a cost-effective manner. Looking for Indian rice to export, come to Ancient Trading Impex!

Organic Jaggery

Ancient Trading Impex stringently follows the organic method of food processing as well. Regular jaggery contains harmful chemicals and adulterated products. Ancient Trading Impex’s organic jaggery is found in the purest forms of jaggery. Our jaggery besides its mouth melting-taste and is completely chemical-free and preservatives-free. You can use it directly without any kind of filtration.

Organic jaggery is also used in many kinds of ayurvedic medicines. Ancient Trading Impex exports the world’s best organic jaggery packed in the best format for your use. So, next time when you are looking for organic jaggery exporters, you know where to look for!